Michael James Reed

Actor / Teacher / Coach

Hamlet closing

Its been a great run, but all good things must come to an end."

"Which brings us to Michael James Reed as the latest Claudius. There's something in his performance (and in Mr. Barnes' direction) that's invisibly clever and menacing and suspicious, which gleefully unbundles itself in our heads as his performance proceeds. (Although, in 2013's Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Mr. Reed was even more coarsely menacing.) Here, in self-consciously grand gold brocade, like a monarch who must remind everyone he is a legitimate ruler, Mr. Reed is also the great clockwork of conspiracy—and Hamlet the impetuous, feisty little mouse that runs up inside to wreak havoc. Intermission comes at the precise moment when an outraged Claudius stops the play-within-the-play, exposing his guilt."  - Richard Green, Talkin' Broadway.