Michael James Reed

Actor / Teacher / Coach




Coaching & Study for the Professional Actor, by a Professional Actor.

For any age or experience level (children or adults):

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  • Audition Preparation:  Sometimes all that’s different about an audition that goes well, from one that goes poorly is preparation.  In a one-hour session, I can make sure you will know exactly what you want to achieve in that upcoming big audition, and provide you with the tools and insights to leave that room knowing you’ve done your part in booking that job.  All sessions are taped so you can get immediate feedback and learn the basic camera techniques needed to show yourself in the best light.

  • Private Coaching:  As actors we need to be challenged and exercised to keep us at our best.  And many times, before that first big job comes along, or in between jobs, we aren’t doing what we need to do to stay sharp and focused so that when opportunities do come up, we can meet the challenge.  Private sessions allow me as your coach to keep working with and pushing you to be your best.  Whether we’ve determined you need to work to further examine basic scene study and character development, camera technique and understanding, or advanced text or emotional study, there is simply no better way to improve as an actor than through private sessions.

  • On-Camera Technique:  For most actors, being in front of a camera is something we long for but have little experience in doing.  I work with younger and older actors showing you how to take what already makes you unique as a performer and adjusting your techniques for a camera.  With my own studio and lighting setup, we review the adjustments you need to make as an actor to make your on-camera work engaging, spontaneous and natural.

  • Taping Services:  Self-taped auditioning has become a necessary and much asked for component of an actor’s career.  Having the ability now to submit on projects in Los Angeles, NY or Chicago has changed the entire landscape of the industry and opened new doors for actors in St Louis. In addition to my on going coaching and workshop schedule and services, I now offer the ability to professionally create your audition tape.  This includes a back-dropped, brightly lit, high definition filmed, and cleanly edited tape to make your audition look professional.  Casting directors and producers are so much more likely to watch the entirety of a self-taped audition only when it is presented to them in this way. 

  • Career Guidance:  Sometimes all that’s needed as an actor is a trusted voice to speak to and answer your questions.  These careers we’ve chosen aren’t easy ones, and we face many decisions along the way.  I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, and have lived and acted professionally in London, New York and Los Angeles. I can help you through those big decisions, talk you through the steps you need to take as a performer, and provide you with insights and answers drawn from my own experiences. Hands down, there is no other coach in St. Louis that can match my extensive and broad acting career experience.


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